Sunday, April 22, 2012

May asian festival

There will be no festival this year; it will resume in 2013 with Vietnamese community hosting.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chicago May Asian Festival at Daley Center

I just got back home from the may Asian festival, i have started putting pictures on page 1 of pictures I took at the May festival the 3rd week of May 2011. the week started out kind of cold but it gradually warmed up. it was the best May festival in years. I will be adding more pictures. my e-mail is let me know if you are a performer and want a picture. The pictures on the blog are not big enough to print, if they were they wouldnt fit. Click on the image to get a bigger image. the pictures for Thursday at noon are bigger than the others, it took a long time to download. Click on the image then when you get it click it again to get the larger picture. I simply downsized them less for thursday. These are not all of the pictures I took.  If any one wants a dvd of the full 5 days of the festival including the evening event at the cultural center but not including tuesday send me an email ( cost is $31.00). My intention is not to make money on this but i will be needing new photography equipment in the future and expenses are high.  I can also have prints made including on outdoor vinyl including poster sizes around 3 feet tall. I do not recommend trying to print these on your own, the format is different, and if you get a disk please do not re-sell, will inclose instructions for printing with the disk. I will send performers or event sponsors digital images for free by e-mail (including instructions for printing as well as places to print them that i suggest). Please include page number  and picture number. Thankyou to all of the performers who made this wonderful performance possible, as well as the unseen hands behind the scene.

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